Beauty & Style 101: Look Glamorous in a Gala

Been invited to a gala?

A gala is a formal affair being held usually for a special or corporate event. Sometimes, it can actually be a charity fundraiser. It isn't the typical homecoming or prom party you used to attend when you were young. The bottomline is: you should show up in your best formal attire. Attending galas means you need to abide by the strict etiquette rules.

Want to look fab? Perhaps it's time to scout for glitzy diamond rings and designer gowns. For anything else, keep in mind these pointers to follow days before the event:

  • Find an outfit. When looking for a gown, keep it classy. Steer clear from flamboyant ball gowns and skimpy cocktail dresses. Look for one that sweeps the floor. Choose a long gown that's made of a glamorous fabric, such as silk and chiffon. Dresses vary in terms of ornamentation and bodice, so opt for one that matches your profile.
  • Find matching high heels. Instead of chunky platforms or closed-shoes, choose strappy heels. Avoid those that are made of wood or cork as they aren't event-appropriate. Most of all, don't wear flats.
  • Find a clutch purse. Clutches are considered formal handbags. When choosing one, it should complement the colours of your outfit. Don't purchase one with straps.
  • Scout for accessories. Since this is a formal event, fancy accessories are a no-no. It's best to don real jewellery when attending galas. Aim for a subtle yet elegant look with diamond rings or silver necklaces — whichever designs match your outfit and skin tone. Precious gems are also great accessories to wear.
  • Keep in touch with an HMUA. If you want your evening look to be fabulous, then it's best to trust the professional make-up artists. This type of look needs to be photo and night-friendly. Plus, the colours have to complement the dress that you're wearing. Also, you need your hair done by a professional stylist to make it look as elegant as possible.
  • Have a nice body and facial scrub. Why is it recommended to exfoliate before big events? It allows the skin to reveal its natural and radiant glow. You'd want to look gorgeous in person and in front of the cam.

With these basic steps, you'll be shining all evening in a seemingly deluxe event, like this.