Wedding Planning Woes: 5 Important Things That Brides Forget to Do

Like many brides-to-be, you might be focused on choosing the right venue, hiring a professional caterer or looking for a dependable florist. You might also be busy with buying attractive invitations, sending them out to all of your guests, and taking note of the RSVP replies. Of course, you might be concentrating on picking the perfect decorations for your marriage ceremony and wedding reception venues.

But remember that these aren’t the only steps that you should take. After all, you must also do other things might not seem necessary at first glance but are actually important to the overall success of your wedding. Finding handcrafted gold jewellery that complement your dress, planning meals for your photographer and other vendors, bringing along a guestbook and some pens — these little details might not be your priorities, but remember that they can give your big day a nice final touch. To make sure that you won’t forget all the not-so-major (but still significant) aspects of your wedding, check out these ideas:

Focus on the other parts of your wedding outfit

As a bride, you’d most likely prioritise your wedding gown. This isn’t really surprising since your dress is the most important part of your entire wedding ensemble and is the first thing that your groom and everyone else would notice. However, remember that you shouldn’t just focus on your wedding dress; if you want to have the perfect outfit, pay attention to other essential details, too.

One thing that you should do is to look for the right jewellery that match your dress. If your gown is made of diamond-white fabric, for example, it will work well when paired with hand crafted silver jewellery. If you’ve opted for a pure-white bridal dress, on the other hand, your best choices are platinum and pearl accessories. Of course, don’t forget to take note of your chosen neckline style: strapless gowns look fantastic when matched with eye-catching necklaces or chandelier earrings, while V-neck dresses become more magical when worn with a choker necklace.

Aside from looking for the right hand crafted jewellery, you must also think about your bridal makeup. You can always do your own your face but, to look even more beautiful and stunning during your special day, it’s definitely worth to invest in the services of professional makeup artists. However, don’t just hire the first artist that you meet; instead, get in touch with us here at GlamExpress first. With our years of experience in the cosmetic industry, we can definitely help you become even more fabulous during your wedding day and look like a star in your wedding photos.

We have different bridal makeup packages for you to choose from, so you can easily pick one that fits your needs and budget. If you’d like to observe how we work before booking a package with us, you can take advantage of our makeup trial services and let us create the perfect look for you. You won’t have any obligation to hire us for your big day but, if you like our work and want us to do your bridal makeup, we’ll subtract the trial price from your chosen package — which means that your makeup trial basically becomes free!

Decorate the other areas of your venue

Once you’ve bought the ideal handcrafted gold jewellery and hired a makeup artist, the next thing that you should do is to think about your venue decorations. However, don’t just focus on the stage, the dance floor and the chairs and tables; instead, pay attention to other places where most of your guests would definitely go.

One such example is the loo, which is where many of your female guests would end up if they’d need to touch up their makeup. To liven up this area, furnish it with heart-shaped soaps and hand towels that match your wedding theme and decorate with a couple of flower arrangements and scented candles. You can also brighten up the cocktail bar with colourful glasses and other barware and perk up the hallway with potted plants and trellises.

Take care of the important legal documents

It’s easy to be caught up in the wedding preparations, but don’t forget the legal side of your marriage, too! After all, all your planning will definitely go to waste if you won’t become legally married after your ceremony. So, at least 16 days before your big day, visit your local register office and give notice about your intent to get married. During your wedding ceremony, you, your partner and your two witness must sign the marriage register.

Make immediate post-wedding plans

You’ve probably already planned your honeymoon, but have you thought of the things that you’ll do right after your reception? If you haven’t, take the following steps:

  • Book a comfortable wedding night room. You might think that you’ll be too thrilled to sleep on your wedding night, but take note: All of the excitement on your big day will wear you out and will probably make you sleep even before you hit the pillow.
  • Prepare an overnight bag and ask someone to drop it at your hotel. You don’t want to be wearing your wedding dress when you go to breakfast the next day.
  • Assign your mum, sister, best friend or anyone else you trust to gather your gifts, keepsakes, leftover food and other things and bring them home safely.

Thank your bridal party

Your bridesmaids, best men and other members of your bridal party play a big role in your wedding; some of them even sacrifice a lot of their time just to help you whip up your event into shape! So don’t forget to express your gratitude: send thank-you notes after the wedding or, better yet, give them memorable gifts. Handcrafted designer jewellery and designer beauty products can be a wonderful present for your bridesmaids, while personalised cufflinks and hip flasks can be a great surprise for your best men.

When planning your wedding, it’s easy to get distracted by the major preparations that you need to focus on. However, you should still pay attention to the little things that can give your wedding the final touch and make it even more memorable.